Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Estes Bullpup #7000, Build Highlights Part 5, Selective Masking

I didn't get great white coverage on the small forward fins on the Bullpup.
I didn't want to re-shoot the upper fins, the over spray would make a rough final gloss around the fins.
I decided to mask down the root edges and only shoot the fin surfaces. This isn't a different color, the white mask edges won't be noticeable in the root edges.

Scotch tape with marked sides went down the root edges.

The rest of the body was covered with masking tape, copy paper and a grocery bag.

After spraying the tape was pulled.
The model is white overall. Even with a new paint "ridge" you won't be able to see it set into the root edge.

I don't do spot masking very often. This just saves the weight of an additional overall color coat.

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