Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Estes Bullpup #7000, Build Highlights Part 6, Decals

I couldn't see the launch lug on the face card picture. I have to wonder if Estes puts launch lugs on their catalog models.
The launch lug might be in the way of the horizontal gray bands.

You've also got to figure the position of the cradle marks, the orange squares on the silver bands. With the rocket hanging horizontally, these will go on the top.
The instruction picture shows the launch lug at the bottom.

The left side of the picture shows how the orange band was cut for wrapping around the base of the nose cone.
The bottom side was cut close so no clear border would be hanging over the shoulder lip.
The decal was set up just above the lip so it couldn't wear against the body tube end.

The black bands could be hard to line up accurately.
A template was cut out of card stock to check the position.

Looking from the rear, 
For now set just the bands on the right side of the four fins.

With the black band in place on the right side it's easy to lay down the left side decals.
Line up the rear even with the right side bands.

These decals were tough to line up, especially the gray body wraps. They were thin!

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