Thursday, December 4, 2014

Estes Equinox, Centuri Scram Jet Side-By-Side Comparison

The Estes Equinox was based on the older Centuri Scram Jet model.
Here's the decals I put together to duplicate the Centuri version.
The Estes kit does give you red box decals but there isn't any numbers or the Scram Jet name on it.

On top is the Estes Equinox, below the Centuri Scram Jet.
The Centuri fins are smaller and not a single piece over the top.
The Estes Equinox has the small sub fins under the jet tubes.
Again, the Estes kit is on top.
The Centuri Scram Jet fin area is much smaller and probably more prone to damage on landing. That's probably why Estes changed the design to an overall one piece top.

Still, I prefer the looks of the simpler Centuri design.

One last shot of the Centuri Scram Jet from the top showing the engine hook retention piece.

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