Friday, December 12, 2014

FlisKits Mercury Redstone Build Part 1 Parts

This one is going to be a challenge!
This Fliskits Mercury Redstone is BT-5 based.
I'll start on the fins first, I'll be making some of the small details on a cruise.
The fins are shown below.

The parts of interest:
The dowel is the escape tower.
Below it is the basswood fins and thin laser cut card stock detail pieces.
To the upper right is a square toothpick used for a launch lug standoff.
The printed tower. Two copies are supplied - Thanks Jim!
Below the tower is another basswood sheet. The larger pieces are for the oversize fin unit. It's removable for display.

Regarding making the optional small tower, an email from Jim Flis:

"The rod I recommend is the Plaststruct 0.020" plastic rod. If you wanted extra scale accuracy, you can use the 0.020" for the corners and the footings then use the 0.010" for the cross pieces. The problem here is that you have to be VERY sparing with the glue or it will simply dissolve the 0.010" stuff away... Believe me, I know... LOL
I have attached a drawing that gives you details on the layout of the tower so that you can build one to scale for this kit. ADDITIONALLY, I mention an "Assembly Jig". I have these and can send you one (just send me your address). It allows you to get the tower assembled square and attached properly to the nose cone.

Hope this helps and let me know if you would like one of those assembly jigs."

Mr. Flis did attach the tower drawing. It's small!

On the face card, the kit name reads Mecury Redstone. 
Misspellings are easy to make and happen often. 
I should know, I worked in a print shop and made them all the time.

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