Sunday, December 28, 2014

FlisKits Mercury Redstone Build Part 17, Stabilizer Fin Unit

A fin pattern sheet is included but all the fins are laser cut.
It's a good thing, I wouldn't want to cut anything this small and try to get them consistent in size.

The fin marking guide is cut out.

The stabilizing fin unit tube is only 1/4" long.
I'd recommend setting it over an engine casing for support when gluing on the fins.

The inset shows two opposite fins glued on.
Look across the top to be sure both are in line and centered.

These fins are thin, long and tip heavy. It takes a few tries to get them to stick.

The finished fin unit.

It'll get a shot of primer/filler and sanding before being painted flat black.

The two tape disks for the streamer were paper.
I replaced them with Avery plastic rings.
The cotton string was tied on with a square knot.

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