Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cleaning Up a Launch Lug TIP

Sometime when the paint is setting up -
Not wet, but not completely dried - 
You can clean up some ends and edges.

Here I'm pressing down some of the paint edges at the open ends of the launch lugs.
Sometimes paint can accumulate at the open lug ends. Rolling a pointed dowel in the lug end can press the paint back and re-round the edge.
Note the angle of the dowel, don't touch the body tube, just the inside edges of the launch lug.

At the back end of the model there can be some sanding "threads".
Again, roll the sharpened dowel over the edge. Don't touch the dowel to any flat surfaces - this is only for hard surface ends and edges.

The paint is still a drying and a fingertip might leave a print. I'm still holding the model with the dowel painting wand in the engine mount.
Don't hold the model with your hands before the paint is completely dried!

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