Friday, December 19, 2014

FlisKits Mercury Redstone Build Part 8 Tower Step 2

I bought some Evergreen styrene, .030" rods for the verticals and .020" rods for the horizontal an diagonal struts.
These are slightly larger than Mr. Flis recommends but I wanted the tower a bit stronger.

All the tower strut lines were extended beyond the drawing to make the angle cutting easier.

Wax paper was taped down over the tower plans.
The vertical rods were cut oversize and taped over their lines.

To cut the horizontal strut to the correct angle, it was set down on a copy of the tower immediately to the right.
The left side of the strut was cut at an angle to match the angle of the vertical piece.

Cutting all the struts to the correct angles gives you more glue contact.

The horizontal strut was glued down by transferring a very small amount on a toothpick tip.
Note the right side hasn't been cut yet.
All the right side ends will be cut when the tower side is finished. I'll be able to cut the three horizontals with one pass of a razor blade.


  1. HI Chris,
    are you using plastic model glue or Elmers glue all white glue for the tower?


    1. I used Plastruct Plastic Weld liquid cement.
      The ends were pressed together and the glue applied with a toothpick. I just dip the toothpick in the glue bottle and touch it to the joint.
      White glue wouldn't work on plastic. White glue only works on porous wood, cardboard and paper.