Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Centuri Sure Shot Igniters, Part 1

Lonnie B. found a large supply of old engines and built models on Craig's list. At the last Orlando R.O.C.K. launch he gave me some Centuri Sure Shot igniters. I told him I would put them up on the blog for everybody to see. Thanks Lonnie!

At one time, the Centuri Sure Shots were the go to igniter for clustering. They were the Quest Q2G2 of the day.
On the left is the original package of Centuri Sure Shots.
On the right are the later produced Sure Shot "Dots".

The first Sure Shots:
These were a little like folding sticky Origami!
This style igniter was based on a design by Irv Wait from Rocket Development Corporation.
You can best see the original "Ignitrite" igniters in the 1967 RDC catalog

On the left are the sticky backed, pre-cut "tapes".
On the back are the three Jetex style wicks taped down with masking tape.

While the Jetex engines used a match to light the fuse, Centuri called these "Igniter Sticks".

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