Monday, December 8, 2014

Estes Bullpup #7000, Build Highlights Part 4, Tube CCA & Primer/Filler

You can get a evenly spaced CA reinforcement line around the end of a body tube.
Apply with a Q-tip, use your middle finger around and on top of the tube edge for a depth guide.

Some forum posts have mentioned that CA glue could help prevent a zipper.
Kelvar is like a thin, steel cable. The CA'd tube ends might be a bit stronger, but a coat of super glue isn't going to stop Kevlar from cutting through a cardboard tube.

Primer / filler was sprayed on and sanded to surface.
On the left you can can see the "coke bottle" recess below the launch lug. That's the glue inside, right above the upper centering ring.
When the glue dries it can pull in the body tube.

Some of the gray primer was left in the tail cone mold line.
On the nose cone the few low spots remaining in the seams were filled in with the sanded primer.


  1. It might not prevent a zipper, but I'm pretty sure it saved my brand new Big Bertha when the tube crashed and embedded itself right in the mud after a chute failed to open. I pulled the rocket out of the ground, and though it was a little muddy, the edge of the tube was undamaged.

    I got the CA tip from your blog. I forgot to thank you!

    1. Hi Rocket N00b,
      It could have very well saved that body tube!
      My Centurion ejected just the nose cone and landed with the body tube end in a small pool of water. I poured the water out and the CA'd end of the body tube was just fine.
      It definitely makes the tube end stronger and makes it easier to sand the edges smooth.