Sunday, December 7, 2014

Orlando R.O.C.K. Launch December 6, 2014

The day started off with no wind and mild temperatures.
At the safety briefing I counted 42 people, a good turnout.

I missed the first rack, there were some first timers anxious to get their models in the air.
The CHEROKEE GOON had it's tenth flight on a Quest B6-4.
It veered to the east and was recovered just the other side of the barbed wire fence. Altitude was an estimated 375 feet.

Another goon followed, this time the HONEST GOON on an Estes C6-5.
Estimated altitude was around 550 feet.
A textbook flight and recovery under a spill-hole cut parachute.

While on vacation, Chris Hubbard flys with the Orlando ROCK section.
Here's his beautiful Semroc Excaliber.
The launch was with an Estes C6-5.
My best launch of the day went to the Estes R2D2.
Boost was straight with an Estes C6-3.
I was concerned about the parachute unfurling after the engine mount rear ejects. The chute and shock cord are hard to pack around the engine mount. It opened without problem and landed dome down.
No damage.

I tried the Estes Altimeter again in the Quest STRIKER AGM.
This was the 12th flight for the Striker, it's starting to show it's age.
Boost and recovery was good with an Estes C6-5.
When I checked the altimeter, it read 0 feet! I would guess the altitude to be around 600 feet.

This is my third try and fail with the altimeter. It'll probably be sent back to Estes for a replacement.

My last flight was the Estes GUARDIAN with an Estes B6-4.
(I didn't bother with the Altimeter in this one.)
Perfect flight and an altitude guess of 375 feet.

Five up, five down, no damage.

I tried a few bare nichrome igniters today. I didn't have much luck, the no-fires were pulled and Estes igniters were used.
While I've had success with 32 gauge bare nichrome at the schoolyard launches, they were no-gos at this club launch.

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