Saturday, December 6, 2014

Estes Bullpup #7000, Build Highlights Part 2, Nose Cone Eyelet & Engine Mount

The nose cone "lug" is small and weak.
As in the previous Bullpup build, the lug eyelet was cut off and a second hole drilled for the shock cord tie.

You put two puts of clay into the nose cone. The instructions show it being tamped in place with a pencil. the hole was too small for a pencil and had to be enlarged to get all the clay in.

One of the the two centering rings has a notch for an engine hook.
This is a friction fit model with no engine hook. The instructions don't show or mention the notched ring.

I put the notched ring at the top of the engine mount tube. The added Kevlar tie will go through the engine hook relief notch.

The hole was a bit large and I was concerned the Kevlar knot could pull through it at ejection.
I cut a wadge shaped reinforcement piece from the edges of the centering ring card.
A small hole was punched with the rotary punch.
The Kevlar was fed through the small hole and the wedge piece glued on the top of the upper ring.

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