Friday, December 26, 2014

FlisKits Mercury Redstone Build Part 15, Fin Assembly

I did give the fins a shot of primer/filler before gluing them together. Basswood still has a small grain and these would be impossible to fill after gluing the pieces together.

Here the air rudders (still together on the sheet) and fins are taped down to a piece of cardboard for spraying.

The fins are stuck down on their root edges so no paint will get on that gluing surface. I'll have to sand the primer off the outside edges for gluing on the outside pieces.

After careful sanding with 400 grit you can see some primer/filler in the grain pores of the basswood.

After spraying, the air rudders were removed from the sheet.

The edges were sanded to remove any marks left from the laser cutting.
On the left - before sanding. The inset picture shows that edge after sanding smooth.

The card stock fin tip pieces are glued on the outside edges of the fins.

Take an extra moment and be sure it is centered and slightly raised up to match the cut at the bottom.

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