Friday, September 6, 2013

Estes Mini Shuttle Build. Part 11, Decals

As it turns out, I got the black mask wrong at the front of the body where it meets the black under the nose cone. The black line should go straight and not be stepped.
The mask ridge was lightly sanded down and more masking and a spray of black followed.

After all the masking, the model is ready for the decals.
I had already re-drawn the decals from the JimZ site. I wish the decals had a ruler set next to them or just a 1" measure on the scan.
As it turns out, I drew the decal a hair too large.
Not worth re-sizing, no one will know the difference.

TIP: There was three decals that overlap the black paint. When set down on the black the gray printed areas turned transparent!
A while back I sprayed gloss white on decal sheet. I've used this for a undercoat before.

The decals were water transferred right on to a corner of the sprayed white decal sheet.
After it dried, the decal was simply cut out right on the gray border through both decal layers and the white sheet backing.

Soak the double layered decal. The gray decals stayed on the white decal sheet through the soaking and transfer.

On the left is the first try over the black nose. You can see where the gray ink decal disappears over the black paint.
On the right is the nose decal with the white under layer.
It's a big difference and worth the extra effort.

Some decals go right up to the surface edges. I'll use a little Future acrylic to "glue" down any raising corners.

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