Friday, September 6, 2013

Goony Patriot Drawings

On TRF, Rich Holmes started a build of a Goony Patriot. HERE
Rich is doing a great job on the graphics making adjustments to get everything right. I was inspired to draw up my own set.
The Patriot is perfect for a Goony. It has a great paint pattern and is very recognizable.

(I'm not trying to steal Rich's TRF thread, I'm stuck in Mexico with nothing to build so drawing is taking up some of my time.)

Above is the Patriot art I found after a Internet search.
On the right is a screen capture of the Corel drawn image I put together.

To the right is that image dropped into and moved to vertical in Corel Draw.
The photo body tube area was squashed and stretched to 1.63" diameter.
Blue horizontal lines were puled into place where all the color separations ended up.

From the top the horizontal lines were:
Top of the body tube to the low red stop -
Width of the Yellow band -
Height of the Black bands and stripes, and so on.
Boxes were drawn and the colors filled in.

The black rectangles in the yellow field were drawn matching the height and approximate "weight" of the originals.
The "U.S. ARMY" was also set and pulled to fit the size and font weight.
The letters should be a little taller. The fins might end up slightly smaller.
Like Rich, adjustments are made throughout the design process.

The fins are extended a bit beyond the end of the body tube, much like my Honest Goon model.

Is it scale? No.
Is it close? It's a Goony, it doesn't really matter, just get it visually close.

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