Friday, September 27, 2013

Semroc Cherokee D Build Part 4, 18mm Engine Mount

The split 2050 ring is flush with the rear of the 18mm motor mount tube.
The cut ends of centering rings are rarely square, usually "wedge" cut at an angle.
For a better look and flush fit, sand the low (exposed) side flat before gluing on the engine mount tube.
The top centering ring goes just over the top of the engine hook.
Again, notch the ring for a better fit.
On the left you can see the notch, I filled it in with pencil.
It's just an angled notch, it isn't cut all the way across. Just the end is notched where it lays over the hook bend.

The open ends of the lower open ring are hard to hold down as the glue dries.
Set the ring inside the end of the 24mm mount. This will compress the split ring onto the 18mm engine mount tube. (Just be sure there is no glue on the outside of the green ring before sliding it into the larger mount.)

BUILD TIME: 18mm Engine Mount = 20 minutes
TOTAL BUILD TIME so far = 60 minutes

No post about the parachute assembly - it's pretty standard and has been covered before.
BUILD TIME: Parachute Assembly = 15 minutes
TOTAL BUILD TIME so far = 1 hour, 15 minutes

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