Monday, September 2, 2013

Estes Mini Shuttle Build. Part 4, Whoops and Fills

I glued the small rear wing piece on wrong.
It was cut off, the edge sanded and glued on again.

The re-drawn arrow shows the correct balsa grain direction.

This 5" length of BT-60 wasn't very good.
The glasseine seams were there as always but there were seam recesses between those.
I ran some CWF filler down every seam.
The lug was glued on before the fins.
The lug got a fillet of Titebond M&TG.

The fillet at the ends of the lug are always hard to smooth out.
I rolled the cotton ends of a Q-tip between my fingers to make the tip a bit smaller. This allowed me to roll around the ends of the glue fillets.

Even with the extra effort smoothing down the lug ends some roughness showed up when the primer was shot.
Not much of a problem though, the M&TG can be sanded fairly easily.


  1. What's your method for applying CWF to fill tube seams?

  2. Here's how I do it -

    For seams, the CWF mixture should be a little thicker than what is brushed on balsa. When it is mixed a bit thicker it tends to stay in the body tube seams better, less thinned out glue.
    I've seen body tube filled pics and there is filler everywhere. I like to keep it narrow and in the seam. The blade tends to press it into the seam. Good Luck!