Friday, September 20, 2013

Semroc SPEV Build Part 9, Interior Engine Mount Masking

You've seen it at club launches - 
Many builders spray paint the entire model. Engine hooks, engine mounts and launch lug interiors get a coat of paint.
I like to keep the back end clean. Sometimes the bare surfaces will get a rubbing of white glue to seal everything up.
The rear mask on the SPEV is a little different. "Strakes" extend past the rear of the body tube. the inside of the extensions should be painted.

Small pieces of masking tape are set right below the exposed ends of the strakes.

These short pieces of tape were pressed down on my pant leg and pulled up to remove some of the stickiness.

More small pieces of tape were added below the fins covering all the inside of the body tube.
It's easier to apply the masking tape pieces with tweezers.

One small piece of tape was slid underneath the engine hook.
Spray paint could "glue" the hook to the engine mount tube.

More tape was wrapped around the rest of the engine mount tube.

An engine casing stuck on a dowel painting rod was inserted into the engine mount tube.

Rolled paper towel pieces filled in the wide gaps.
It's now ready for the white coats.

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