Monday, September 9, 2013

Honest Goon - Refinish Part 1, Old Decal Removal

Here's a great small field flyer and a favorite Goony-

You can get the decals and plan set from Excelsior Rocketry HERE
The builder must supply a Baby Bertha kit, a BT70AJ, a TA6070, and a small ring of BT70.

This was an early BAR build, it's been through the wringer.
I liked the design but was never sold on the OIC-URGOONEY and OOPS decals.
The new decal draw will more reflect the look of the old Estes Honest John.
I don't know why I didn't paint the fin areas with the alternating black and white sides. 

Old clear coats are yellowing up. The model was also used to test the application of Future acrylic coats. 
Still very strong and not to terribly banged up. It's worthy of a refinish.

These decals were tough to remove. They've been in place for years.

Scotch tape was pressed down and quickly pulled up.
Some decals came off easily, others - not so much.

Most had to be sanded off with 400 grit sandpaper.

I'm doing a redraw of the decals and will print them off at home.
The Excelsior decals are great quality - I just wanted to draw some changes from the originals.

You can see where the clear coats have "pooled" on the trailing edge of a fin.
There isn't much grain but still could be better. Sanding down the white paint will fill in some of the shallow balsa grain pores.

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