Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Big Fix, MMX Jayhawk Kevlar Replacement

The last time I flew the ASP MMX Jayhawk the Kevlar line broke.
This will be an interesting fix.
I have access to the low end, the upper attachment is still good.
This would be better accomplished with an awl but I couldn't find it.
I used my small rat tail file to open up a small hole by lifting up the side of the engine block.
Be careful not to punch through the side of the rocket body. Keep the awl or file parallel to the body tube sides when lifting and "drilling" the hole.
A knot was tied in the new Kevlar.
The line was fed through the rear and through the hole in the lifted engine block side.
Apply some glue under the lifted engine block and press the block back down. Pull the Kevlar through the front until the knot rests against the closed engine block.
The two lines were tied together with a simple overhand knot.
A small streamer was taped to the Kevlar line.
Ready to fly again!


  1. Nitpicking, I know, but this is an overhand knot: Was it really a square knot?

  2. No it's an overhand knot except it's two lines tied side by side. It's the same knot used on all the Quest instructions when you join together the Kevlar to the elastic shock cord. The finished square knot looks different.