Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Big Fix, MMX Sentinel to 13mm Engine Conversion

Here's a great carded Sentinel model downsized by Bob Harrington.
You can find the free PDF HERE - scroll down to Bob's models.

I made this one for MMX engines. But again, this one didn't get any altitude with a MMX engine. It deserves more power.

Like the previous Red Max, the inside of the motor mount tube was scored with a hobby knife. This raised an edge I could grab with narrow pliers.
While tightly holding the raised tab, the pliers were turned pulling the paper layers out in a spiral.

After a few turns the entire mount came out! I must not have used much glue on this one.
The inside of the hand rolled tube was still pretty clean.

A new engine block was cut from a used 13mm casing.
Kevlar was tied on and the block slid into place.

A crepe streamer was taped to the line and the end attached to the nose cone.
It's finished and already loaded for launch with a 1/2A3-4t engine.
Yes, the engine does slide in farther -

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