Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Honest Goon - Refinish Part 2, Decal Removal & Surface Prep

This nose cone section is bigger than you'd think!

After the decals were either lifted with tape or sanded off with 400 grit, here's what I was left with. The primer is starting to show, probably a good time to stop before going through into the balsa.

There's an Estes smile on the balsa adapter that got some CWF and was sanded smooth.

For some reason that black band right above the fins wouldn't sand off. I stopped before going too deep. What is left of the decal will be covered by a band of the Contact paper blackboard material anyway.

The decals on the fins were stubborn, too.
The primer was starting to show.

After filling the dings with CWF an sanding the model got a shot of gray primer/filler. More fine sanding followed.

The primer showed the bubbles in the lug fillets. Some Titebond M&TG took care of that.

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