Thursday, September 12, 2013

Honest Goon - Refinish Part 4, Black Fin Quarters

Instead of masking and spraying the black, I though I'd try something different.
The fins are square with no rounded edges. The body tube is a smooth surface. The Contact Paper just might work and be easier than masking.

An over sized rectangle was cut. I made sure the top and sides were square.
The long side was set into the fillet area, the square top between the fins.
In the picture I'm lightly pressing the black vinyl into the opposite fin fillet for marking and cutting.

The piece was lifted and the piece cut to width. The width was cut a little wide. The fin surface overlay will cover up this wide edge. This piece turns up and lays on the fin root edge a bit.

A wide outline tracing was made around a fin.

More vinyl was cut with the root edge straight and square.

The fin cover piece was set into the root edge. This slightly overlapped the wide center body tube piece that was already in place.

After lightly burnishing the cover pieces, the overlapping edges were trimmed down using a new blade.

The blade angle in the picture is a little high. It should be laying more flat against the fin edge.

Two more bands of the black vinyl were applied at the tops of the fins and end of the body tube.
The Honest Goon name sits between the black bands.
The bolt wrap decal is not centered between the black bands but sits between the two words.

Set the decals on dry to get an idea of the spacing. Set down "HONEST", then "GOON" allowing space for the bolt decal wrap.

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