Thursday, September 19, 2013

Semroc SPEV Build Part 8, Cleanly Gluing a Launch Lug TIP

Most builders simply run a line of glue down the lug and stick it on the model. Here's a cleaner method.

Run a straight line of glue down the lug.

To remove excess glue and straighten the glue line:
Pinch your thumb and index fingertips together and run the "V" (formed by the fingertips) down the glue line.
This leaves a thinner and straight line of glue on the lug.

Another tip for a straight lug:
When possible, use your aluminum angle to check the straightness of the lug.
If adjustments are needed check to be sure the lug is still on the pencil line after the angle is removed.

You'll still have to add fillets, there will be bubbles after the glue dries.
Use the Titebond Molding and Trim Glue for fillets, especially for the deep launch lug fillets.

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