Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Honest Goon - Refinish Part 3, Nose Cone Black Trim

I had to divide the nose cone in 12 equal spacings.
A strip of paper was wrapped an marked.
This was folded in two, those two halves folded in thirds and sixths.
Pencil ticks were made at all the folds.

The marked strip was taped around the nose cone.
I didn't make decals of the nose section roll pattern. I thought I'd wing-it with my favorite trim material, Contact Paper blackboard covering material.

This is an interesting roll pattern, four sets of bold "U" shapes.
A few guesses were made as too how wide these should be.
I'm not that concerned with any accuracy, it's not a scale model but a Goony.

The longer lower bottom of the "U" wouldn't sit flat on the adapter curve.
It had to be re-cut in more of a inverted trapazoid shape.
The top and bottom of the trapazoid were cut in an arc.

You can draw pencil reference lines on the Contact paper. It erases easily.

This turned out to be a set down, mark, lift and trim operation.
Getting roll patterns to meet up accurately is always hard.

That temporary thin black strip on top helped with alignment.

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