Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Semroc SPEV Build Part 7, Engine Mount Fit

Before burnishing the paper in the tube, be sure it is squarely set!
The overhanging edge should be somewhat parallel to the body tube edge.

From the center of the shim to the edges -
Press and roll a dowel pushing the paper shim into the inside of the tube.

After the paper is in place, you can apply some CA around the bottom edge with a Q-tip applicator.

This CA coating is on the lower 1/4", not farther inside.
The CA would seal the paper and not give a good bond when the mount is glued in place.

The mount is then glued in place.
The was better, a good sliding friction fit.

On the SPEV, the end of the motor mount tube is even with the end of the mainframe tube. The engine hook extends about 1/4" beyond the end.

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