Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Semroc SPEV Build Part 5, Shoulder Build TIP

Sometimes the balsa on the edge of a nose cone shoulder or adapter can be chipped or rough.
Here's one way to get a sharper line at the lip of the balsa adapters.

Set the adapter into the adjoining tube. Leave a small gap
Brush on CWF almost over the raised lip.
You don't want the filler on the shoulder, just over and a bit around the edge that butts up against the body tube.

While the CWF filler is still wet - 
Press and turn the body tube against the shoulder lip.
This forces the CWF filler into and over the rough edge.

Pull the body tube out an you can see the new raised lip of CWF.

Sand down the lip after the filler has dried.

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