Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Estes Mini Shuttle Build. Part 6, Masking Prep

The original kit had streamer recovery. With the trailing fins on this model I'll switch out for a 12" parachute.
The Bertha style nose cone has a LONG shoulder. Wadding and a parachute were loaded into the short body tube. About 3/8" was cut off the shoulder for a bit more room.
Even with the shortened nose cone shoulder, space will be tight. I'll pack the parachute in the tube and the shock cord into the larger, opened nose cone shoulder.

Masking this one is a bear! I don't think this one was popular with builders for that reason.

The instructions have you trace around card stock patterns for the black leading edge trim.
You can't use a pencil on gloss paint so I lightly roughed up the paint with 400 grit so a pencil will transfer on the dulled leading edge.
The roughed up edge is subtle, you can almost see it in the picture. Just don't sand through the white coat and into the primer or raw wood.

Here's the kit paint templates for the wings and rudder.

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