Sunday, September 15, 2013

Semroc SPEV Build Part 3, Sharper Balsa Shoulders TIP

I've explained this before on the old "How To" website.

The shoulders lips on the balsa adapters were a bit rounded. I wanted a sharper edge on them.
We'll use the body tube edges to "sand" a sharper lip.

First, rough sand the body tube end a bit. Here I'm using 220 grit.
This is to just roughen up the tube. It also squares the tube ends and removes any bad tube cuts.
Don't sand too much or shorten the tube, just rough it up.

Slide the shoulder in the tube up to the lip edge.

Turn the balsa adapter against the roughened tube edge.
This "sands" the rounded lip to a sharp, squared edge.

Later on I'll show how to build up the edge if the lip is low.

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