Thursday, September 5, 2013

Estes Mini Shuttle Build. Part 8, Mask Reveal and Fix

The masking tape on the rear edge didn't give a clean line at all!

Before the paint had completely set up I was able to lightly scrape the paint back with the tip of a hobby knife.
The top is the before, the inset picture is after careful scraping.
I'll still have to go back and touch up the white in a few spots.

Look close in the corners of the mask. The black paint seeped in between the pieced tape corners.

You can push the seeped paint back into the black areas with the tip of your knife. Take it slow and only push only the black paint, not the white.

Before any white touch-ups here's the finished body mask.

The tip of the wings and forward body tube doesn't look quite right.
I'll go online and look at shuttle pictures to see if the black paint "steps" like this.

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