Monday, September 23, 2013

Semroc SPEV Build Part 10, Mask and Fix

Whoops! This one should have gone in much earlier! So I screwed up. 
Remember, the blog is free - it isn't perfect. 

The vertical wide black roll patterns are divided into quarters.
I used Scotch tape for the masks.

TIP: You can use your aluminum angle to check how straight your mask lines are.

The black vertical bars run halfway down the BT-60 section of the model. The large adapter also has black areas divided in fourths.

I haven't glued the model segments together yet. Sometimes it's easier to leave things apart for painting them glue it together afterwards.

I flipped the BT-60 section upside down and slid it into the adapter.
The masked quartered segments are continued down the adapter.

After painting the tube is removed, turned over and glued into the adapter.
When the tube is glued on those black segments don't line up but get 1/4 turn so they are opposite of each other.

After the tape was removed all the lines were sharp except for the corners where the tape overlapped. Some corners had a small bleed.

Use the side of your knife and push the black back onto itself.
The lower inset picture shows the correction after the small paint bleed was pushed back.

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