Thursday, June 23, 2011

ASP Micro Wac Corporal Build Part 1 Parts

This is one of the three MicroMaxx kits I bought in a lot on EBAY.
Here's all the parts:

Like the ASP Micro Jayhawk, there is no balsa in the kit. The nose cone is hardwood and all fin and details are white styrene plastic.

The top half is the Wac Corporal that most are familiar with. This model has a Tiny Tim booster. It is a single stage MMX powered kit. At ejection, the separation point is between the two stages.
Note the clear plastic tube. That simulates the open area between the two stages and gives support to the thin half round supports.
The mylar streamer is optional, the instructions state it'll aid in visibility.

Here's some kit pieces of interest:
The lead shot nose weight is in the middle of a long piece of Kevlar.
The bigger half round piece will be the tunnel.
The very skinny half round piece will be the supports between the stages.
You'll only use half of the brown coupler. It holds the weight high in the upper body, right beneath the nose cone shoulder.
The double stripe in the decals help with the color separation and when placed give the correct spacing of the black bands.

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