Friday, June 24, 2011

ASP Micro Wac Corporal Build Part 2 Fins

The nose cone was a little tight in the upper tube. It needed a little sanding for a better fit.

I took a few minutes to true it up, the sharp tip was a little out of round. No fault of ASP, turning nose cones this small is difficult. All the parts are of high quality.

The instructions recommend cutting out the fin pattern and tape it to the flat styrene using double sided tape. I extended the fin outlines on the instruction sheet and taped the styrene to the instructions.

I didn't try to cut all the way through the styrene. I went about half way through and removed it from the instruction sheet.
The pieces were cut the rest of the way through with my knife and straightedge.

The body tubes had a very small spiral seam. It was filled thinned wood filler and sanded smooth.
The nose cone got two coats of sanding sealer and was sanded smooth.

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