Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Estes Saturn V Build Part 61 Fin/Fairing Mask

The last, lower end mask isn't quite as complicated as the last one.
Silver will be the last color.
It goes on both sides of he fins and the lower third of the fairings.

Once again, use the raised line molded into the fairing for the color separation there.

A thin strip of clear Scotch tape is set down the middle of the raised line. The silver goes to the rear of this mask.

The leading edge is rounded slightly where it meets the fairing. I used three pieces of Scotch tape to "round" it off.

The fin sides were masked down the root edge and everything else covered with masking tape and paper over the larger areas.

The silver was sprayed in multiple light coats followed by a final heavy coat.

The masks and tape were pulled up about 15 minutes after the final coat was sprayed.
The picture shows the end result.

TIP: Try not to handle any metallic sprayed finish. The oils from your skin will mar and tarnish the paint.

This model is actually finished, the blog entries are prepared ahead of time.
It up for auction on EBAY right now!
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Time spent on build: 1:30
Total time on build so far: 58:45

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