Sunday, June 19, 2011

S.D. Xanadune Build Part 7 Mid Body

The narrower mid-body is glued together. There are no internal supports, it's a hollow square tube.

This is the dry fit of the three sections. Everything slip fits very well.

You can see the laser cut geometric design swirls over the side walls. I can't see how to finish these, sanding the parts square just about removes them. If I didn't sand everything smooth, they'd probably show up in a color coat.

This is the Teflon engine lock ring in place.

An 18mm engine slips in easily. The ring tabs go into their four slots and the ring is turned to hold the engine in place.
Pretty ingenious, as long as you don't lose the ring.


  1. Since often this blog is days or more behind your actual builds, I might be too late. :) It was the wooden hooks for the motor lock that actually split on my Vector. You might consider bracing them with 1/32nd ply doublers on the outside surface.

  2. This is really an extremely interesting rocket, both from a build standpoint and an appearance standpoint. I hope I can find one of these someday!

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Yeah, I wish I knew this before it was finished. Your motor lock bracing would be the best way to go - next time!

    Thanks Ray,
    I agree, it's definately something out of the ordinary.