Friday, June 10, 2011

Estes Saturn V Build Part 67 Decals

There is a smaller, extra set of decals included with the kit. Apparently some decals were printed without the white backing.
Working from the top down, these are the last decals to be placed.

I'd recommend going back to the Centuri instructions again for the Fin Letter Decal Guide. This will make the decal placement more consistant.
It's on page 47 of the Centuri instructions found HERE
Because it'll get wet, I traced mine onto heavier cardstock.

Here's one of the lettered fin decals with the white backing.

Using the guide makes it much easier to set the decals in the correct position.

And finally, the small numbered decals.
A scrap strip of decal backing paper was used for a height guide.

Time spent on build: :15
Total time on build so far: 60:15

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