Saturday, June 11, 2011

Estes Saturn V Build Part 69 'Chute Tie In

Tie a long length of shroud line string to the snap swivel. Connect the snap swivel to the U shaped hook.
Lay this string down the upper section and below the coupler.

Mark this point on the line below the coupler.

While holding the model like the first picture in Part 68, find a point where the shroud line should tie to the shock cord. Be sure the model is hanging with the tower up a little.
Give yourself a little "leeway" and tie this length to the shock cord and parachute.

The illustration in Step E of the instructions would require two thicknesses of the shock cord between the coupler and main body tube. It would be tough to pack and hard to eject!

This single shroud line seems a little weak, but should be okay.

Time spent on build: :15
Total time on build so far: 60:45

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