Saturday, June 25, 2011

LAUNCH! Schoolyard June 24, 2011

Even though the build is still ongoing, the ASP WAC CORPORAL is actually finished. I was anxious to fly it.
This morning about 7:30 a.m. it did with a MicroMaxx engine.
Straight as an arrow up to about 75 feet.
The mylar streamer did deploy without problem and no melting. The inset picture shows I stuck the nose cone on landing.
There was only a bit of ejection soot in the clear tube above the engine. Most of it was cleaned out with a trimmed Q-Tip.

My CORKSCREW wiggled it's way up to 350' with a A10-3t engine. I had a rare eject of the friction fit engine, but the streamer did eject.

A Quest A6-4 engine had a throaty roar compared to the other Estes engines launched today.
Again my Semroc ASTRON had a wiggle off the launch rod and was off vertical during thrust.
At an estimated 300' up, the reefed parachute ejected fine and the five MPH wind brought it back close to my tripod launcher.

Last up was my indestructible CHEROKEE T carded downscale with an MPC 1/2A3-5t. I'd estimate the altitude at 425 feet. This is one of those rockets you can't bend, dent or lose. It just keeps showing up in my launch box.

Also Flown:
The Micro GALAXY GUPPY with a MMX engine. Good flight with nose blow recovery.

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