Sunday, June 12, 2011

TIP - Tying Untangled Shroud Lines Part 1

This is one of the 8 sided parachutes from the Saturn V build.
Notice the shroud lines aren't tangled.

Tying the lines without tangles is fairly easy, it just takes a few more minutes.
The trick is to not tie all the lines through at one time.
Take them one by one, watching for twists along the way.

Before tying, find the centers.

Hold the two adjacent lines at their tape disks with one hand.

With the other hand, pull the line taught without twists and mark the center point.

Continued in the next post -


  1. So much neater than when I do it!

  2. Thanks R2K,
    It's like anything else I guess.
    The first time you try this it's a little hard to get. It just gets easier every time I make a parachute.