Monday, June 27, 2011

ASP Micro Wac Corporal Build Part 5 Gluing Fins

My build is a little out of sequence with the instructions.
This kit has the smallest fin marking guide I've ever seen.
Like other larger models, it's wrapped around the tube and the fin and lug locations are marked.

The kit includes a small plastic angle for extending the fin lines down the body tube.
It's a nice extra, the tube is too small for a door frame or larger aluminum angle.

I found it easier to use medium CA glue to place the fins.
A small drop was place on the back side of scrap sandpaper. The fin root edge was run through the drop.
This is a much easier way to get a small amount of glue on the root edge as opposed to applying it right from the CA bottle.

I don't want a lot of glue on the edge, the fins are small and hard to place straight on the small tube. With a little bit of glue, you could remove it if the placement is wrong the first time.
After you are certain the position is straight, you'll add a glue fillet in the next post.

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