Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TRF Forum Bully?

Before I go on, I should clarify something about the building techniques I use.
Here's a condensed version of what I wrote in the first blog post, almost one year ago:

"Everyone has their own "proven" ways to build rockets. This blog is not to say I know all the right techniques. It's what works for me, but I'm always open for a better way to get it done. Who knows? Someone might pick up a new technique or be inspired to improve on what's written here."

Before the Internet, most developed building techniques on their own through trial and error. We'd pick up a tip here and there, usually from the yellow pages (technical section of the Estes catalog) or the Model Rocket News.

If you'd like to see a lively discussion, go to The Rocketry Forum. Scroll down to the "Techniques" section and read the posts under "Water Decal Solutions."

This isn't the first time Mr. McCoy has gone out of his way to tell me I'm wrong.
I heard about it when I painted my Fliskits MMX Honest John like my old Estes HoJo scheme.
I wasn't trying to build a true scale model, just a tribute to the Estes Honest John, the way their instructions and decal sheet showed.

When I scratch built MicroMaxx motor mounts from card stock I was told they were too heavy and I should be buying commercially made mounts.
That small amount of extra weight wouldn't matter anyway, every cardboard and balsa MicroMaxx I've flown has ejected before reaching apogee.

Once he implied I wasn't being professional.
I corrected him saying: "I IS a professional." I actually make some (okay, a little) money making model rockets.

Yesterday, Mr. McCoy jumped on me for adding a small drop of dish detergent to a water bowl for soaking decals.
I've done it this way since getting back into the hobby. No problems, no lifted decals. Heck, I don't clear coat or use Future over decals.
To quote Mr. McCoy: "It's the BETTER end results that will be obtained by NOT doing something frankly stupid that needs to be encouraged."
So now I'm stupid?

I don't get it. A forum bully?
Mr. McCoy, lighten up. It's a hobby, for Pete's sake.


  1. WOW! Really????
    Well, I must say that I enjoy watching your rockets develop over the course of the build! Right or wrong, your models look incredible and no one would go into the detail you do if you didn't enjoy it. Like you said, it's a hobby - and a damn lot of fun, too!

    Everyone has their own style of doing things and I guess if someone doesn't like how I do what I do, they can go and do it their way. No one has the right to call you stupid. Ever.
    If McCoy is really that hell-bent on proving your method wrong or "stupid" then instead of attacking you, he should offer reasons why it's not an optimal method and why his 'preferred' method is better.

    Don't stop what you're doing! And I know that you would be more than welcome to come visit the Australian rocketry forum :)

  2. You blog as been a wellspring of info for me as a BAR. I visit it almost every day.

    And the dish detergent drop has been a note of advice in plastic model building circles for decades.

    McCoy sounds like a wanker.

  3. I didn't post this blog for compliments, but thanks for the feedback
    I'd just had enough the insults directed to me and some other very talented builders and flyers.
    Mr. McCoy has certainly produced a LOT of downscale plans over the years. He's a wealth of information and his advice is usually good.
    But, his tone in answers and responses to both novice and experienced builders is condescending.

  4. Agreed. Your site and McCoys writings have been educational. Both are excellent resources. I try and weigh the pros and cons to conflicting advice. With 1000s of voices out there we are bound to see conflicts. Ultimately if I can not determine which piece of advice is correct, I just have to try them both. One thing I can say this, McCoy has been taking really bad quality photos of his fleet for many many years and they don't seem to improve. it is like he bought a 640x480 digicam back in 1997 and never upgraded. Strange. Anyway back to rockets!!