Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nose Weight Comparison

Two years back I entered the EMRR Box O' Parts Contest.
I received a box full of spare parts and a few rocketry memories - a few things I hadn't seen for years.

One find was an old Estes lead nose cone weight, seen on the left.
This was the same style of weight I first saw in a Estes Wac Corporal kit. The outside diameter is 11/16" and fits inside a BT-20 body tube. In the 1969 catalog it was #651-NCW-1 and sold three for a quarter.

You can't get these lead weights anymore, I was curious to see how the available Semroc washer weights compared.
On my cheap scale, the Estes lead weight was 0.14 oz.
(this was slightly heavier than the catalog weight of 0.12 oz.)
It took three Semroc washer weights to get close at 0.15 oz!

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