Thursday, June 9, 2011

Estes Saturn V Build Part 65 Decals

Take a look at the "I" in UNITED STATES.
It's off center!
When setting something up vertically, that "I" should be centered like the vertical line in the "T" below it.
I worked for years in a print shop on a photo type setting machine. After all those years setting type, this kind of thing drives me nuts!

I didn't notice it until the second vertical UNITED STATES decal was set down. I couldn't risk cutting and repositioning a dried decal for repositioning.
Making the correction is up to you on your build. I'm leaving this one be.

The tunnel is too close to the center line where the UNITED STATES decal should set. This one had to be set down a little to the left of center.

Looking at a real Saturn picture, the decal font is a little bold.
The font used used on the box model has the correct "weight". Notice the "I" is centered! These might be older decals used to make production model.

Time spent on build: :15
Total time on build so far: 59:45

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