Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Estes Saturn V Build Part 52 RCS Nozzles

The center of three R.C.S. nozzles had a molding dimple in them.
I filled the hole with thick super glue, placed with a toothpick.
After drying, the glue was sanded flat using 400 grit on a sanding block.

The nozzles were sprayed white while still attached to the molding tree.
The small nozzles will be brushed black then the entire assembly cut from the tree.

After smoothing out the cut off point, black paint touch up the white spot.

NOTE: Once again, check the Saturn V pictured on the kit box. The RCS nozzles are not painted black. The entire piece was left white. It makes me wonder if this pictured model was painted to meet a deadline.

Time spent on build: :45
Total time on build so far: 50:45

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