Friday, June 3, 2011

Estes Saturn V Build Part 56 Low Wrap and Fin Mask

Again, I used Scotch tape for the flat surfaces.

The edges were marked with a black Sharpie pen and new straight edges were cut with a strait edge.

Pencil lines were drawn for reference and the tape edge set down on those lines.

I'm sure some are asking: "Why would you use regular masking tape and not a specialty tape from the hobby store?"

Two reasons:
1. I wanted to do this build stock, using tape that most builder's would have and use.
2. I'm cheap! I can't see spending that much money for a few feet of tape. But - unless you have a lot of experience doing complex masks, you will probably get better results with the specialty masking tapes. Your end result could vary!

A thin masking tape strip is layed down along the raised line on the fin fairings.

The mask continues, framing the black areas with Scotch tape and regular masking tape.

Time spent on build: 1:00
Total time on build so far: 53:45

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