Saturday, June 18, 2011

S.D. Xanadune Build Part 5 Nose Cone

The front support piece is then glued into the first nose cone wall.

The two side wall are glued on, and lock into the long tabs on the first side's base.

This is the nose end. I lightly sanded down the rough laser cut edges for a little better fit in the end.

The nose cone tip must be bent to meet at the tip. CA glue was used to tack it together, followed by white glue fillets inside.

To glue town the last side, white glue was applied to the edges. the glue was applied to the inside of the edges so the glue wouldn't ooze out to the outside surfaces of the nose cone.

I didn't know yet if I wanted to stain the rocket or not. Stain won't permeate white glue.

Rubber bands were used to hold everything together while it dried.

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