Tuesday, June 7, 2011

LAUNCH! Schoolyard June 6, 2011

I got to the schoolyard soccer field early this morning, at about 7:45 a.m. The winds were almost calm and there was a slight overcast sky.
I've got three MPC 1/2A3-5m engines left.
The THUNDERBEE flew to an estimated 450'.

This is my new build and once again there was a loose fin after hitting the short grass field. It's repairable.

My circa 1975 MPC NIKE PATRIOT was "sky lobbed" to under 200' on an A8-3. This is definitely a B6-4 bird on this field.

Just the same, a successful flight and it was nice to see the old MPC parachute deploy. It was built stock but the old shroud line tabs were replaced with new ones.
You can read my history on the model HERE
The Sky High Hobbies link to the MPC kits is now dead!

Here's an old favorite, the Semroc POINT!
(Build it, watch it fly and wonder why? - the old Centuri slogan.)
I've had limited success with the advertised recovery on this one. Today on a B6-2 it reached 250 feet.

The engine should eject and hang from the short shock cord beneath the "rigid 'chute" conical body. This time it worked better, but it didn't fall vertically. Weird smoke trail? . . . this morning not so much.

To the left is how Centuri said it should fall.
Mine falls like the picture on the right.

Not a big deal, no damage at recovery.

Also flown:
The Quest Powered FLICS Shuttle with an A10-3t engine. A bent fin means another Scotch tape repair.
The FlisKits INTERLOPER with a MicroMaxx engine. Straight up with little drift on the small streamer.

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