Sunday, June 5, 2011

Estes Saturn V Build Part 58 Cleaning Up The Mask

One tool used to clean off over spray is this cheap, white eraser.

Beneath the end of the eraser is a little over spray on the back of the fairing. Before shot:

The same fairing - After shot:

The eraser friction will remove a lot of over spray without scraping.
Use an eraser only after the paint is dry!
Use only a white eraser for this. A pink pencil eraser will leave pink streaks.

To the side of the lower launch lug I had some black paint lift and tear. I have to fill this white area.

Another favorite tool, my fine point black Sharpie.
This is used for outlining and establishing a thin frame for the touch up paint to follow.

I'm using the standoff as a guide and simply running the pen down the joint.

You do have to be careful when painting over the sharpie pen. Some paints could dissolve or lift the line. It does make the fill color easier to apply very close to the border line.

This is one side of the lower mask after erasing, drawing black lines and a little scraping. I'm not done touching it up yet.

Enlarge the picture to see some improvement.

For the white/black colors, I used Rustoleum Painter's Touch 2X Coverage spray.
For for touch-ups, this paint covers and blends very well.
I'll spray a little white (in the cap from the spray can) and brush on white from the other side of the black mask lines.
After the white, I might have to go back and touch up more black.

Time spent on build: 1:00
Total time on build so far: 55:45


  1. Heard that pen ink can migrate over time. Wonder if you encountered that; hope it'll be fine.

  2. Hi Vince,
    I haven't had any problem with a black permanent marker "migrating". You don't want to use a ball point pen to mark a body tube for fin and launch lug placement. The pen ink will bleed through sprayed on finishes. Use a pencil for fin marking.