Thursday, June 23, 2011

S.D. Xanadune Build FINISHED!

This model was a great break after the Saturn V build.
I was ready for something different and this certainly fit the bill.

I have to give credit to whomever the designer was. There are a few great innovations but other ideas fall short.

  • The laser cut parts fit together very well, but the burns weren't clean.
  • The integrated baffle/centering ring assembly was interesting. (The instructions still call for a single square of wadding on top of the baffle.)
  • The round shock cord seems stiff and too short for the model.
  • The provided parachute shroud lines were half the length they should have been.
  • The engine lock ring is new to me and works well.
  • There is very little room for the parachute.
  • I can't quite figure out the reasoning behind the "nasal strip" tape strips and plywood reinforcements.
  • Angled spin fins. The wood grain wasn't parallel to the leading edge.

    Still, a welcome change from the ordinary.
    That silver and gold paint is already showing fingerprints!

    I look forward to seeing how well it flys!

  • Followup: The first flight wasn't successful. While the boost was spinning and straight, most of the ejection charge blew out the back side of the square engine mount! The nose cone dislodged, but the parachute stayed inside. The parachute had a small melt, even with the baffle and a recommended square of wadding.
    The flight report with pictures is HERE

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