Friday, June 17, 2011

Sure Shot Igniter Patent

Irv Wait from Rocket Development Company developed this igniter that went on to become the Centuri Sure-Shot igniter. it was filed in 1965 and approved in 1969.

The illustration at the top / middle looks like an Enerjet style where the pyrogen is coiled at the top of the propellant.

I used many of these style igniters in the 1970s and preferred them over the Estes igniters available at that time. Back then, these were the best igniters to use in clusters.

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  1. These were the best! I bought extra ones of these and chucked the old Estes igniters that came with the motors. They came in a little Manila envelope and there was some assemble required but they worked vertualy every time, which was saying something back in the day.