Tuesday, June 21, 2011

S.D. Xanadune Build Part 10 Paint and Trim

After the gray primer was sanded down, here's the main body with the white undercoat.

I decided to paint the model with metallics, gold and silver.
I'd always liked the bare metal look of the science fiction concept ships.

Two opposing fins were glued in place and fillets applied.
This entire assembly would be silver.
Actually, I'll be using a can of the cheap WalMart Aluminum. I've had great luck with it in the past.
The two other fins and long nose cone were painted with Krylon gold.

This trim material is amazing. It's Contact paper, a semi gloss black made to be used as a blackboard covering. I picked up a roll at Michael's craft store.

Tapered strips were cut with a straightedge and stuck down a little below the leading edge.

This will be the cockpit glass on the nose cone.
All pieces were cut to size while still on the Contact paper backing sheet.

Only the black top layer was cut completely through.

The masking tape is there as a guide to line up the two opposite sides.

A final piece of the canopy glass went over the top.

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